About Us:

The RealSing Collective provides a means (via RealSing.org) to identify, verify and certify recordings, live events or televised/streaming events that utilize no vocal tuning or pitch alteration in the recording or mixing of lead/primary vocals. Certification is achieved when the vocalist, producer and engineer provide written authentication. The recording is then issued RealSing™ packaging stickers, artwork and a certification number which is registered & listed on the RealSing.org website

The RealSing Collective advisory council is comprised of singers, engineers, musicians, music & television producers and other music professionals who are dedicated to the advancement of the arts and sciences of recording. The council views vocal tuning and pitch modification as legitimate tools of their trade, using them to enhance and manipulate the sound on recordings, not to mention assisting pitch challenged vocalists. Every CD, track, DVD, live event or televised/streaming event submitted will be reviewed by RealSing council members.

Founding Members of the RealSing Advisory Council:

The Society of Singers
Tommy Lipuma (producer/arranger)
The Wheeler Opera House, Aspen, Co.
Steve Vai (guitarist/producer)
Ginny Mancini (CEO Society of Singers)
Al Schmitt (producer/engineer)
Wendy Moten (singer)
Rudy Perez (singer/songwriter/producer)
Arturo Sandoval (trumpet/producer/pianist/composer)
The Brooklyn Opera
Hank Neuberger (engineer/studio manager/live video producer)
Russ Landau (composer/bassist)
Dave Resnik (producer/guitarist/A&R/internet)
Ise White (producer/harpist)

More RealSing Advisory Council Members:

Mauricio Abaroa (singer/songwriter/producer/manager)
Mike Bone (manager/former label president)
Warren Brown (engineer/producer/audio tech)
Bunny Brunel (bassist/composer/producer)
Steve Carlisle (singer/producer/studio manager, television producer)
Michelle Cole (singer/vocal coach)
Louisette Geiss (singer/producer/studio owner)
Charlie Greene (singer/songwriter/guitarist)
Mark Lewis (internet specialist/bassist)
Geoff Walcha (producer/engineer)
Cynthia Wilson (producer/musicologist, video producer)

Support organizations include:

The Society of Singers; The Wheeler Opera House and Association; Opera Brooklyn; more…

RealSing.org certifies only recordings, live events or televised/streaming events whose lead/primary vocals are recorded without vocal tuning/pitch modification. If individual tracks utilize Auto-Tune/Pitch modifiers as an obvious aural "novelty" effect, as opposed to pitch correction then members of the RealSing collective advisory council will review those submitted tracks and render a final certification decision. Regardless, at least 80% of the recording's tracks must be deemed free of ANY Auto-Tune or vocal enhancement and 100% free of pitch correction to be eligible for CD/EP/Album certification. Live Events or Televised/Streaming Events that employ Auto-Tune of pitch correction technology in any form or fashion are not eligible for certification.